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Hello all,

The trust are sending a lot of information out to staff at this challenging time, some of which you will I’m sure have managed to read and be mindful of, some you will not, simply down to opportunity to login in and check emails etc.

To aid the dissemination of advice being given and to make it accessible outside of the trust intranet please find below some of the most up to date guidance for staff.

SWASFT COVID19 Guidance Documents
Clinical Notice 02-20 Wuhan Coronavirus – Latest Information v1.0
Recording COVID 19 on the ePCR

Am I expected to shave my beard?

  • We are not mandating that employee has to shave their beard. However, we encourage you to consider the benefits of doing so. According to health experts, different styles of beards and moustaches can make you more or less susceptible to catching coronavirus.
  •  Please also keep in mind your PPE and how being clean shaven will provide you with greater protection. There is a lot of information with regards to this, and we have found the following chart from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention which we may be of interest.













Managing Conflicting Guidance (Over management of AGP)
(From Adrian South – Deputy Director of Clinical Care) ‘I appreciate that it is often unclear, as the world wide opinion on certain aspects is fast changing, and as a results, guidance can contradict itself when it is published at different times.

As a Trust we are following the COVID-19 Guidance for Ambulance Trusts. This is aligned with the national IPC document from PHE. This document does not list nebulisation as an AGP, and actually states the rationale for the decision:


The WHO IPC guidance also does not list it as an AGP, and the systematic review it cites in that section, concluded that it was low risk.’

Looking at the WHO guidance, ‘Infection Control Strategies on P4 and P7 – Advises surgical mask for nebulisation, not respirator. This is in-line with it not being treated as an AGP, as the respirator level protection is advised in the document for AGPs.

The question was raised nationally last week, and the position that it is not an AGP was reaffirmed.

The Trust’s clinical team spends a lot of time reviewing national and international guidance, asking questions and challenging points. We then publish what we believe to the best of our knowledge is the correct position for staff. In these uncertain times, and with more information that we have ever had before published, much of it conflicting you can find something to back up pretty much any debate.’

(From Dr Andy Smith) The very latest from NASMeD this morning is this;

Dear All,
After considerable correspondence I have received a position on PPE for resuscitation from NHSE (see below):
The current PHE guidelines have been agree with the Health and Safety Executive, NERVTAG, the four nation public health and NHS authorities – individual organisations should not be taking independent actions.

The link to the current guidance for ambulance services (dated 13 March 2020) is here:


The issue remains regarding the definition of “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”​.  I will raise with Keith Willett directly.

If you feel more information on theis page would be useful please email me directly and I will add as much as I can


Chris Nelson
Branch Chair & Comms