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Operational/Hub members will be pleased to see that from 18:00hrs tonight (Bulletin and MDT comms) the implicit partial Mealbreak protections, that were interpreted by some and communicated to Crews as ‘lost’, will now be made explicit in the SOP. That is: Partial Protection of a single C1/P1 between the 4th and the 6th hour (no protection at the 3rd hour) followed by full protection at the 6th Hour. Partial Protection of a single Cat/P1 between the 7th and 9th hour and full protection thereafter. There is also a new clause at 8.2 whereby any disagreements over application of the SOP can be adjudicated upon by a Trust senior manager – Trust incident Manager who is based in the Hubs 24/7.

We’re continuing to talk to senior Operational managers about other aspects of the interim SOP and we are collating your feedback as the Trust are collating their statistics. We will re-convene with them as necessary but our next scheduled meeting is in January where we will review the feedback/stats. Please be assured that your welfare is our number one priority and that’s been echoed by the Trust by rapidly responding to our request to restate the protections. Please continue to feedback your experiences, both good and bad. Thanks