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Long-standing Band 6 Paramedics who were given October as their incremental date on the inception of A4C, may be under the misconception that they won’t reach Spine Point 28 (i.e. the highest salary they’re able to earn in Band 6) until 1/10/2021. The 3 year pay deal, that ended on 31/3/21, dealt with this issue by ensuring that this group would go to the highest salary on 1/4/21 even though their incremental date was later. One of our members checked with payroll (thanks Kev) over recent weeks to confirm that the uplift was scheduled and got conflicting advice. The Branch was asked to clarify and Unison HQ confirmed the uplift was due on the 1st of April. We approached the Trust and the interim Deputy Director of People and Culture, Matt Crossey, also confirmed by saying:-

“We have recently received an update from the ESR central team on the removal of the final transitional points and the implementation on the payroll system. This has now automatically been applied nationally to the system and those staff affected will receive their pay increase from 1 April which will be reflected within pay in the April salary. There are just under 700 staff affected by this change.”

We understand that letters/emails will go out to all affected staff next week. Any subsequent anomalies in pay should be dealt with in accordance with the advice in that letter and difficulties thereafter with your local Unison Rep.