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Your Unison Branch Reps are continually working to improve the processes that improve your working lives, none more so than Ted and Maggie down in Cornwall. They recently spoke with ROC and their County Commander around Station allocation of annual leave hours for 2021-22, that seemed to restrict the amount of whole weeks of A/L available. A review was undertaken and it’s been confirmed that an operational staff member can book a full week’s leave up to the maximum number of people off per Station/Rota/Team. This is irrespective of whether the request exceeds the weekly maximum hours. SWAST recognises that a block of one week’s leave is important for staff to plan family holidays.  This working practice applies whether your Station does Team Leave or as individuals under 12 month Rolling Leave (i.e. normal ‘first come first served’ A/L). NB. If the maximum number of people off is for example:3 and any or all have asked for A/L that is less than a week then the maximum weekly number of A/L hours will not be exceeded.

The Branch Executive team recommend that members in other operational areas of SWAST familiarise themselves with their Station’s maximum allocation of weekly A/L hours and correspondingly the maximum number of people allowed off at any time. With this information you can monitor if the same good ‘Cornish’ practice is being applied in your area. Happy holidays and stay safe!