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Dear Members

The Overrun protection and Mealbreak survey ended on Friday 31/5/2019 after being live for one month. There was an 86% response rate from the ‘Operations’ target group, mainly 533 front-line members. That broke down to 246 by direct email invite and 287 by Weblink response.

We have communicated these results to the Trust in order to inform them of your preferences and in particular your frustrations at having overrun protection removed. We have formally requested that the overrun protection (as worked in the last Mealbreak/Overrun Trial) be reinstated immediately whilst plans and discussions about more long-term solutions take place. That has so far been declined. We will therefore have no choice, if the Trust’s stance remains the same up until the JNCC at the end of the month, that we inform them there of our intention to move to ballot front-line members on industrial action short of strike action, if ratified by Branch Executive members two days later. You can see the strength of feeling on this issue in question 3 of the survey results (below)

Highlights of the 10 question survey are as follows:-

Q1. Is overrun protection the number 1 issue for you? 402/528 said yes76.14%

Q2. Is a simple, clear & workable overrun management system essential for you to do your job well if you dispatch DCA/RRVs? 355/404 said yes – 87.87%

Q3. Would you be prepared to take industrial action, short of strike action, to secure meaningful overrun protection? 395/522 voted in favour which is 75.67%

Q4. How many mealbreaks would you prefer in an 11hr shift? 1 or 2? 448/532 said 284.21%

Q5. If 2 is your preference, what length of each is optimal? 2x30mins, 2x20mins or 1x45mins & 1x15mins? 406/500 said 2x30mins81.20%

Q6. If 1 break is preferable, what is the optimal length? 1x60mins, 1x45mins or 1x40mins? 84 people expressed a preference for 1 break only, however, 314 people answered this question of those 49% wanted 60mins, 35% wanted 45mins and 16% wanted 40mins

Q7.On 11hr shifts would you prefer 2 breaks on nights and only 1 break on days/lates? 410/522 said no78.54%

Q8. On 9.5hr or less shifts what length of break is optimal? 30mins or 20mins? 506/520 said 30mins97.31%

Q9. Would you be flexible on where, when and how your breaks were taken if they were paid? 532 people responded: 344 said yes64.66% and 188 said no35.34%

Q10. What is your preferred length of shift? 12s, 10s, 8s or mixture? 349/532 said 12s65.6%, 105/532 said 10s19.74%, 24/532 said 8s4.51% and 54/532 said mixture10.15%