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All Operational and Hub Members

The Branch met with senior managers today to discuss the welfare of crews and hub staff in these times of unprecedented demand. We proposed that the hospital canteen voucher system be reinvigorated and that a similar system needs to be put in place at 24hr retail/refreshment outlets when crews are asked to break off-Station, during heightened Surge and Reap states. We also discussed the financial pressure on staff who may have to make multiple payments/claims each month for purchasing food and then have to wait a further month to be reimbursed. Management will discuss with Directors and Finance the viability of subsistence payments, without proof of expenditure, for each off-Station break taken in times of heightened Surge/Reap. Welfare planning for staff for the period of the school summer holidays is paramount as that is when higher demand is expected to be sustained. Current welfare facilities in Hubs and the Welfare Cars on the road have been made a priority and the possibility of emergency food stocks on Stations will be considered. We’re meeting with senior managers regularly and will update you as soon as we hear anything. Stay safe.

Branch Exec Team.