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Since September 2018 SWAST Operational Staff have been waiting to receive letters from management about potential historic owed hours. These may have occurred, for example, if an individual moved base station or rota changes have been implemented and average contracted hours lost, during those types of transition. We have negotiated that hours that can’t be verified, before 1st April 2015, are not considered as part of management’s review. We have advised members not to payback any historically owed hours until they are certain the figure is accurate i.e. they’ve received a letter, met with a manager, challenged discrepancies and agreed a payback plan. That advice still stands except for one important qualification; if any member is thinking of leaving the Trust, they should contact their line manager, immediately, to scrutinize any owed hours and work out a payback plan before they leave. Contractual hours not showing as neutral/positive at the end of a notice period will be deducted from final salary.