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A group of care workers in the South West urgently need your support.

Care workers employed by Alexandra Homes in Bristol are facing intimidation and an impossible choice, but they are standing together in UNISON and pushing back. With your support they can win and send a clear message to employers across the South West: the time for taking care workers for granted is over.

Stand together with care workers in Alexandra Homes

Last year, care workers in UNISON successfully pushed the government to create an “Infection Control Fund”. The money is given out by local Councils to social care employers so that all care workers can receive full pay when self-isolating or off sick with COVID. But Bristol City Council has failed to ensure that staff in Alexandra Homes are getting it.

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Even worse, when staff at Alexandra Homes raised the issue with management they were met with threats of further deductions from pay and disciplinary action. This is disgusting treatment of care workers, and we won’t let it stand.

Stand with the Alexandra care workers

We are calling on Bristol City Council to do its job, listen to care workers and intervene now, to protect Alexandra Home residents and ensure staff there are paid for all COVID related absences.

Workers at Alexandra Homes have joined together in UNISON to demand what is rightfully theirs. Show your solidarity and support, and put pressure on Bristol City Council to intervene by signing this petition and sharing it with your colleagues.